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Reputable attorney helps residents resolve IRS and Michigan state tax problems

If you are involved in a dispute with the IRS or the Michigan Department of Treasury, you want it resolved as favorably and quickly as possible. At Shatzman And Associates, P.C., I represent clients who are being audited, who have liens and levies placed against them and who are faced with other tax issues. I also provide detailed tax planning advice that serves my clients’ financial interests while helping them avoid issues down the road. In addition to my law degree, I have a second law degree called Master of Laws in Taxation. My knowledge and experience will give you the peace of mind you deserve when you have tax issues.

Accomplished legal advisor guides clients in income tax audits

There are three types of IRS audits that vary in severity:

  • A correspondence audit — Correspondence audits are usually done because of minor mistakes on tax forms. They typically require taxpayers filling out and mailing back paperwork to the IRS that explains and corrects the mistakes.
  • An office audit — Office audits take place at IRS offices with IRS examiners. Taxpayers are typically asked to bring documentation with them, such as receipts and other information that shows why they took various tax deductions.
  • A field audit — Field audits are similar to office audits except that they take place at the homes or businesses of taxpayers. Frequently these audits can be held at the office of the taxpayer’s attorney or accountant.

If you are audited, you need to know your legal rights and what to expect. I will be with you during your audit and ensure your rights are respected.

Skillful law firm works hard toward resolving tax problems

If you are delinquent in filing your taxes, you may be subject to different types of debt collection attempts. These include having levies or liens filed against you or your business. Levies may be brought against your wages and other compensation from your employer. They may be brought against your bank accounts and assets held by third parties, such as insurance proceeds. Liens for unpaid tax debts can be placed on real estate and other personal property. I can help you through your audit and removing any levy or liens and can show you how to appeal any adverse tax decisions.

Dedicated law firm assists with tax planning concerns

Even small errors on your tax returns can get you into trouble with tax authorities. I can help reduce the potential for running into issues with the IRS or the Michigan Department of Treasury by providing tax planning assistance. I show clients how to protect their assets. I work with businesses, individuals and estates to put plans in place that will structure your assets to legally minimize tax burdens. I also work to identify areas that could potentially be a red flag in tax filings.

Contact a proficient Michigan tax lawyer for assistance with your legal concern

Since 1971, Shatzman And Associates, P.C. has helped businesses and individuals resolve their tax issues. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 248-646-0300 or contact me online.

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