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Experienced attorney helps clients with real estate matters

At Shatzman And Associates, P.C., I draw on extensive knowledge of real estate law and financing to represent clients in real estate transactions. If you are ready to buy or sell home, your family farm or your business, or if you need representation during a real estate dispute, I provide experienced to protect your real property investment. I thoroughly understanding the commercial and residential markets and can guide you through the process of handling a real estate transaction. I work closely with other real estate attorneys who specialize in zoning, land use issues, foreclosures and eminent domain.

Detail-oriented counselor guides clients through transactions

I understand the considerations that go into deciding whether to buy or sell real estate. I handle all aspects of real estate transactions. My knowledgeable guidance and commitment to addressing your questions and concerns as they arise means you can feel confident that your interests are being protected.

To help you pursue a successful real estate transaction, my firm may:

  • Draft and review purchase agreements
  • Draft lease agreements
  • Draft and review sales contracts
  • Negotiates real estate agreements
  • Resolves issues with Internal Revenue Service and Michigan tax disputes
  • Review bank lending documents
  • Search and clear real estate titles
  • Analyzes deals and rectify potential problems
  • Work with other lawyers who handle land use, zoning and permitting issues
  • Conduct real estate closings

If complications or conflicts arise during a transaction, I have the knowledge and skill to handle them efficiently.

Attorney resolves disputes

Given the high value of real estate, people with claims to the property have much at stake when disputes arise. Breach of contract issues,  divorce issues, boundary disputes, title or insurance conflicts and disputes with taxing authorities including fraudulent claims can become a major headache for owners and potential owners. To help clients save time, costs and frustration, I find solutions to real estate disputes outside the courtroom, including through mediation. When amicable agreements cannot be reached, however, I assist you and your trial attorney with respect to your property rights in court.

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Buying or selling property has legal implications and responsibilities. To ensure that your interests are protected it is wise to hire an experienced attorney. Call Shatzman And Associates, P.C. at 248-646-0300 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

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