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Breach of Contract

Michigan Attorney Helps to Settle Breach of Contract Cases

Experienced attorney helps clients to settle disputes

I help clients resolve the disputes that arise out of contracts and agreements. For business owners it is essential to know what to do if you entered a contract and things have not turned out the way you expected. I provide you with the knowledgeable assistance you need to understand your legal rights and help clients enforce contracts through a variety of means. I also represent clients who have breached, or have been accused of breaching an agreement. 

Michigan lawyer helps you understand breach of contract

Breach of contract is a fairly common occurrence in the world of business. A breach occurs when someone violates the terms of an agreement. A breach can occur at any time after the creation of a contract when either party causes a breach through its actions or inactions. Some breaches are justified under the law and others are not. When breaches are small, the parties may be able to continue performance under their agreement. Breaches that are serious enough to disrupt the entire purpose of the contract may be considered material breaches, rendering the contract void.

Breaches occur for many reasons. 

  • Failure to pay for or deliver a product or services
  • Missed deadlines
  • Failure to meet the terms of a secondary agreement, such as a lease, mortgage or loan document
  • Disputes over the terms in the contract
  • Disputes between shareholders, partners and employees
  • Work stoppages

When your company is affected by a breach, I take steps to bring the other party into compliance. I first attempt to get them to cure the breach through performance or compensation. Next, I seek a resolution through negotiations, but I am prepared to pursue a remedy through litigation. I will seek the maximum amount of damages allowed under the law in order to obtain compensation for you and your business.

Skilled attorney defends clients accused of a breach

In every contract dispute, at least one party will find itself on the defense. I represent clients who have been wrongfully accused of breaching a contract. I help clients in this situation develop defenses for their actions. In many cases actions that would normally constitute a breach are allowed because of something the other party did first. I also represent clients who have been affected by a breached to their contracts. The law does not always seek to punish those who breach contracts. Rather, the law’s aim is to make each party whole. This might mean restoring any money the company lost or potentially compensating the company for the profits the company was expected to earn. 

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